Manufacturer/Supplier of pH & ORP Instrumentation

Industries We Serve

We serve diverse industries including municipal, metal finishing, sewage treatment, industrial, process plants, food processing, as well as many other industries where waste water is a concern.

Note our NEW ADDRESS: 17 Portside Road, Hopatcong, NJ   07843


Products available include:

*  New microprocessor pH and/or ORP controller with 4-20mA output.

*  Circular Chart Recorders either 24 hr. or 7 day periods.

*  Replacement pH, ORP, Cyanide, ATC probes/sensors with BNC connection.

*  Buffer solutions for pH and ORP calibration requirements.

*  Bellows type pumps for dosing.

*  Chart paper for circular and strip chart recorders (Partlow & Rustrak).

*  Limited replacement parts for Rustrak recorders.

Replacement Meters/Recorders

As we no longer manufacture analog based meters, we currently offer a microprocessor based pH and/or ORP controller that replaces our older Models IC, RC, Doser, DIC, etc..   This unit is US manufactured and can be used as a digital indicator, or as a controller with two processor setpoints (1 upper/1 lower) and 4-20 mA  output. Please refer to the Meter Section for details.

In addition, we offer a Partlow Circular Chart Recorder ( 24 hr./7-day configurable) that can be driven from the above controller unit or Customer's existing 4-20 mA DC signal. Some units can be driven from existing outputs on the older AM analog units. Please refer to the Recorder Section.

For repairs of the older analog as well as newer units, please refer to the Repair Section.