BEST-1 Microprocessor Indicator-Controller

Our BEST-1 Indicator-Controller can be used for just pH or ORP monitoring, or as a controller as it contains two (2) process controllers to turn on/off pumps, alarms, lights, etc.. The module can be provided as panel mounted 1/8 DIN (shown below-NO Enclosure) or mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure (as shown above). The units are 120 volt AC, 50-60 HZ with large digital display with 4-20 mA output to drive recorders or input into a DCS System. The units require a higher degree of Operator knowledge to program the units as they are microprocessor based versus turning knobs on the older analog based units. The standard probes we manufacture with BNC connectors are used with this unit. Call for pricing and specifications at  1-800-635-5580.

BEST-1 shown as Panel Mounted With Probe

Best-1 Shown In NEMA Enclosure With Hinged Cover & Faceplate