Probes and Sensors


Analytical Measurements offers probes/sensors for pH and ORP instrumentation, as well as RTD's for use with automatic temperature compensating units. The probe units contain a glass electrode and reference electrode in one unit so a single coaxial cable can be used. The glass electrode is connected to the center conductor and the reference electrode to the shield. Both of these connections are combined in the BNC connector which connects into all type meters that utilize a BNC type connection. As probes contain an electrode, they have limited shelf life similar to that of a battery. Warranty for probes is  2 to 3 months as they are expendable. The following listed probes are available.

pH Probes

*  Standard round glass probe good for 0-60 deg.C/ 0 psig.

*  Analytical High Temperature (AHT) probe good for 0-90 deg.C/ 0 psig.

Type "S" round glass probe good for 0-100 deg.C/ 0-60 psig.

*  AM Flat Surface probe to minimize solids build-up good for 0-60 C/ 0 psig.

Type "S" Flat Surface probe good for 0-100 deg.C/ 0-60 psig.

Spear Type probe for use on solids and semi-solids.

ORP Probes

Standard ORP Probes are similar to the standard pH probe except they utilize a platinum element.

Other Features

Cable lengths custom ordered. Typical stock lengths:10,15,20,30,40 & 50 ft.

Universal BNC type connector is standard.

Probes are handheld or mounted in a 3/4" PVC, CPVC, or SS nipple.

*  Probes are provided with a guard and sample cap. Probes must be stored wet.

Probes are not submersible. 3/4" PVC pipe on wire end needed to keep wire dry.

*  Custom probes can be made to order. Please contact us at 1-800-635-5580